Dedicated Email Policy.

The Bangalore Host Privacy Policy

1. The list should be a Double Opt-In list. This implies a user has signed for a report or alternative email promoting messages by expressly requesting it and confirming the e-mail address to be their own. Confirmation is sometimes done by responding to a notification/confirmation email sent to the e-mail address the top user nominal. The double opt-in methodology eliminates the prospect of abuse wherever someone submits somebody else's email address while not their information and against their can. You'll not be allowable to mail any list that you simply got or purchased. In doing therefore, this may even be thought of spamming and should lead to termination of the offensive account.

2. Any unsought e-mail being sent can lead to suspension or termination of the offending account. We to tend to take an intolerance stance against causation of unsought e-mail and alternative kinds of spam.

3. Any mailings list MUST comply with all guidelines set forth by the Government of India